The 49th Annual Meeting of the ICOHTEC “Technology-based and Technology-generated decisions” is organized virtually on 24-25 September and 15-16 October 2022 by the Centre for Economic and Social History at the University of Ostrava.

The University of Ostrava is a young public research university established in 1991 in the city of Ostrava in south-eastern Czechia. Our university offers high quality education and search for international collaboration opportunities. The University of Ostrava is a significant contributor to the development of the humanities and medical, science, and artistic fields in the Moravian-Silesian region of Czechia.

The aim of the University of Ostrava is to bring progressive tendencies of European science and scholarship in Moravian-Silesian region via international cooperation and creating a multicultural environment. The University of Ostrava is an experienced host and partner in EU, international and national projects, and in 2021 our institution has hosted nearly 280 research, dissemination and educational projects funded by various funders.

The Centre for Economic and Social History at the University of Ostrava's Faculty of Arts was established in 2008. Our research and dissemination focuses for example, on the formation of civil society, the genesis of social, legal and technological innovations, changes in lifestyle, social inclusion and exclusion, gender, ethnicity, age, and knowledge.

Please visit the University of Ostrava webpages.

Please visit the webpages of the Centre for Economic and Social History at the University of Ostrava.

Updated: 01. 04. 2022