Technology-based and Technology-generated decisions. 49th Symposium of the International Committee for the History of Technology 2022 (online)

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The International Committee for the History of Technology’s 49th Symposium is hosted by the University of Ostrava, Czech Republic. Since it will take place online it is scheduled in two slots: 24th – 25th September and 15th – 16th October 2022.

The general theme is “Technology-based and Technology-generated decisions”. Whereas technology-based decisions have a long history, technology-generated decisions of so-called artificial intelligence, AI, are on the horizon since the turn of the 21st century and might gain decisive influence within the next years. Which decisions we are willing to hand over to technology? How to define ethical guidelines for this development? The symposium aims to contribute to this discussion, based on a transnational perspective of the history of technology.

Book of abstracts is available.

Sessions recordings are available (limited acces).

Virtual Tours in the Ostrava Region

Virtual tour of Lower Vítkovice, which is an extensive industrial area registered in the list of European cultural heritage, and was placed on the Czech Republic's list of tentative UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2001 under the name The Industrial Complexes at Ostrava.

Virtual Tours of landmarks in the Ostrava Region. To travel in the Ostrava Region follow the link and pick sites to be visited virtually on the map on the right side of the screen.

Aerial view and virtual tour of the Dlouhé Stráně hydro power plant, which is a large pumped storage plant in the Czech Republic, located on the Desná river. It has 2 turbines with a nominal power of 325 megawatts (436,000 hp) each, providing a total capacity of 650 megawatts (870,000 hp). The elevated reservoir is situated on top of the Dlouhé Stráně mountain, 1,350 meters (4,430 ft) above sea level and the head of turbines is 510 meters (1,670 ft). It has the largest reversing water turbine in Europe.

Virtual Tours of Czech Museums. To visit the rich museum collections of Czechia, please follow the link, pick your preferred museum and enjoy the virtual tour provided.

Video tours in the Ostrava Region

Ostrava cityscapes, drone footage

Ostrava Masaryk Square and city center cityscapes, video footage

Ostrava cityscapes, video footage

Czech Television’s historical documentary film about Ostrava (Czech audio only with czech subtitles)

Ostrava historical cityscapes, photomontage

Ostrava cityscapes, photomontage

History and landscapes of the Lower Vitkovice video footages (Czech audio, English subtitles)

History of the Lower Vítkovice Area

Museum of Mining Industry, Landek Park, video footage

Introduction to universities of the Ostrava region, video footage

Communist urbanism and socialist-modernist apartment building visit in Ostrava-Poruba, video footage

Recommended “non-official” Vlog channel of Ostrava called „Naše Ostrava“, or “Honest Guide” that offers short and informative videos about Ostrava.

Useful links

Official website of Ostrava

Official website of Lower Vítkovice Area

Short introduction to the University of Ostrava

Updated: 31. 10. 2022